Treehouse Referrals

Program News and Updates:

None Right Now!

Please check back in later for program updates.

To confirm a youth is eligible for a new referral, please review our eligibility criteria.

Upcoming Important Dates:

February 20th – Presidents’ Day—Treehouse Offices Closed

Treehouse accepts referrals for Washington State youth with open dependency cases with the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), Tribal or the Federal Foster Care system from:

  • Washington State DCYF caseworkers
  • Tribal or Federal Foster Care caseworkers
  • Washington State OSPI, school district and school staff (foster care liaisons, school counselors, building points of contact or other school staff)
  • Case managers with foster placing agencies or group homes
  • CASAs
  • Guardians ad litem
  • Attorneys Representing Youth

If you fulfill one of the above roles and would like to request a username and password, please request an account. Each individual making a referral should have their own username and password. You will receive your new username and password within 2 business days.

A Note About Driver’s Assistance:

Eligible youth, their caregivers or their social workers can make requests for funding via our website, without a Treehouse referral.