Treehouse Referrals

Referral Submission Notifications

Posted 05/12/2022

We are working on the implementation of referral submission notifications. Please bear with us as this feature is being tested and rolled out.

Thank you.

Upcoming Important Dates

June 1st: Start accepting referrals for the 2022-2023 program year.

June 3rd: Last day to submit referrals for Educational Advocacy for the current school year.

June 20th: Juneteenth (Observed); Treehouse offices closed.

July 1st: New program year starts.

July 4th – 8th: Independence Day and Staff Appreciation; Treehouse offices closed.

Early August: Educational Advocacy starts accepting referrals again.

September 5th: Labor Day; Treehouse offices closed.

Program Year and End-of-the-Year Updates

Updated 05/5/2022

We are taking a break from processing referrals for the Treehouse Store and Just-in-Time Funding.

Our referral cycle is changing to better align all of our programs and we are not accepting any program referrals during the month of May except for Educational Advocacy and Graduation Success.

Youth who are new to care—such as those in Shelter Care or in a VPA—in King County during the month of May, who are in an out-of-home placement, and need to access the Treehouse Store, can reach out to the Store Team at (206) 267-5185 or at store@treehouseforkids.org to schedule an exception visit.

Please note that the last day to submit new referrals for Educational Advocacy for the current school year is June 3rd. Any referrals submitted after that date will be processed and assigned when our Advocates return from their annual furlough in early August. Emergency issues that cannot wait until then may still be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

We will begin accepting Graduation Success referrals for youth entering high school this fall starting June 1st. Please note that referrals may not be assigned to staff until after the school year has ended.

We will begin accepting referrals for the Treehouse Store and Just-in-Time Funding for the 2022-2023 program year starting June 1st. Youth in Graduation Success and Launch Success do not need new referrals for the new program year.

Treehouse accepts referrals for Washington state youth with open DCYF, Tribal, or Federal Foster Care cases living in out-of-home care* from:

  • Washington State DCYF Caseworkers
  • Tribal or Federal Foster Care caseworkers
  • Washington State OSPI (Foster care liaisons, school counselors, or other school staff)
  • Case managers with foster placing agencies or group homes
  • CASAs
  • Attorneys Representing Youth

If you fulfill one of the above roles and would like to request a Username and Password, please request an account. Each individual making a referral should have their own Username and Password. You will receive your new Username and Password within 2 business days.

*Please review youth eligibility on the Treehouse website.

A Note About Driver’s Assistance:

It is NOT necessary to make a referral specifically for our Driver’s Assistance program. Eligible youth, their caregivers, or their social workers can make requests for funding via our website, with or without a previous Treehouse referral.